Beauty and Sole

Beauty and Sole

Hi, I’m Caroline and I just wanted to share with you how Tropic changed my life and my skin. I trained as a beauty therapist over 25 years ago and in that time, I worked with a lot of skincare ranges, some very expensive! Over the years my skin became increasingly sensitive particularly with outbreaks of eczema on my hands, and neck from working with fragranced products that unfortunately my hands became so red raw with eczema that I had to give up being a beauty therapist all together, which for me was heart breaking.


Only last year I heard about Tropic through a friend so I thought I might as well give it a go. I was always on the lookout for something natural and without irritants but I could never seem to find it, in the past I’d tried so many creams but to no avail. The lovely Tropic lady recommended that I should try the Super Deluxe box which came with the cleanser and bamboo cloth, spray toner, moisturiser and exfoliator, and apparently THE amazing “Super Greens” serum to help repair my skin, so I decided to give it a whirl, the results were truly amazing. Within a few days my skin was noticeably different, it appeared smoother, visibly nourished and my redness just seemed to vanish, even my friends noticed!  And guess what? my eczema went from my hands!  It really was a life changer for me, so within 6 weeks I joined Tropic and started my own beauty salon up from home doing what I loved best, treatments! I couldn’t be happier and I love spreading the Tropic love of “Good for you” skin care to my clients and I’ve never looked back!

Tropic is created by the inspirational and passionate Susie Ma who is about “greener beauty with a conscience”. All her products are FREE FROM: – parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, methylisothiazolinone, Triclosan, Talc, Lanolin, Gluten, Petrochemicals, Beeswax, Phthalates, Microbeads, phthalates, toxic chemicals, and more… …Also, Tropic is made locally in Surrey and freshly made for you so it’s never more than 2 weeks old when you receive them so beautifully fresh. Tropic is the fastest growing skin care in the UK and they have won over 70 awards and still being added to.

Tropic is also vegan and cruelty free. “Pure, Honest and Effective.


I love everything about Tropic and there are so many gorgeous products to choose from including body washes, body smooth exfoliator, whipped body butters to self-tans, body shimmers, body and bath oils, and lavender pillow midst to help you sleep! Tropic also has natural bare mineral makeup and hair care that is silicone and sulphate free and still new products to be released this September, so can’t wait for that.

I would love you to give Tropic a go because I know they are truly amazing products, nothing hidden just great products and they always offer a 30-day money back guarantee so nothing to lose.

Here are some details of my favourite products;



This is one of my favourite products! This is a gorgeous serum that helps reduce redness, repair and nourish the skin and contains all those Super Greens including Kale, Maca root, Tamanu and Marula oil. 

It’s literally a smoothie for your skin, love it…….

This has won so many awards!


BODY SMOOTH – This was Susie’s first ever family recipe which she recreated. A beautiful exfoliator using sea salt, lemon myrtle, macadamia oils golden jojoba, bergamot and lime essential oils. Leaves your skin feeling unbelievably soft!

BODY LOVE – This is another favourite of mine and smells divine! With cocoa butters, pink peppercorn, hibiscus, coconut oil and lemon essential oils. 

Ooh La la!




Don’t forget summer is here! I love this collection as it contains everything you need for your holiday  

SPF 30 (100ml)

SPF 50 (100ml)

Sun Soothe after sun (100ml)

SPF 50 Sun balm for areas prone to burning.

Great for children/adults with eczema.

*Sun products also available in 200ml

 If you need help and advice my number is 07775 896233. I would love to hear from you!

My website is

“Happy Browsing!”

Caroline x

P.S. Download the “Think Dirty” app and find out what’s in your skin care products, you might be quite surprised……



Turban Times

Turban Times

Facing chemotherapy hair loss? Read on…

At Suburban Turban we‘ve been designing hats for women coping with chemo hair loss for over 11 years. Our studio started small back in 2006, (my spare room!) I’d been an ‘Ascot’ milliner for 10 years and had never considered designing hats for women at time when they had a real need for elegance and soft headwear. I responded to a friend’s request, a surgeon at Royal Surrey Hospital, to organise a GRACE ( fashion show fundraiser and the rest as they say is history.

We’re now a team of 5 milliners, designing and producing 2 collections a year. The studio moved to just outside Guildford, in Surrey. Here we can create hats right from processing and pre-shrinking fabrics, all the way through to trimming and finishing. As a small artisan company I love the fact that we’re able to bring uniqueness to our designs, selecting beautiful fabrics and hand-finishing trim details. Suburban Turban has become known over the years for our dressy daywear and eveningwear styles, many of which incorporate draping fabric to create shape and volume. We also love developing head wear solutions for specific needs – the non-slip exercise hat ( ) and the realistic hair fringe wig ( were created from clients’ requests. If you’re facing chemo hair loss, or know of someone who is about to start chemo treatment, here are a few milliner’s tips to help make the transition with minimal stress.

We regularly hear ‘I don’t like hats. I have no idea how to wear a hat, or what suits me?’ Many of us only wear a hat for practical reasons – warmth in the winter, or shade in the summer. Not enough of us regularly wear a ‘Trilby’ because it’s part of our ‘style look, or a cocktail hat because we want to make an entrance when we walk into a room! Hats for hair loss will need to be worn for much longer periods of time – both indoors and outdoors.


Tip no. 1 – Lightweight fabrics in soft hat styles help make that indoor/outdoor transition easy and avoid overheating. Think trying to wear your bobble hat or ski hat indoors whilst meeting the girls for a coffee – it would look suitably casual, but it would be rather warm to wear indoors. Feel the hat and remember fabrics that feel soft and lightweight in your hand will feel the same on your head. Try to avoid scratchier wool mixes, synthetic fleece materials and linings, felted wool on a sensitive scalp needs a liner, (more of this later).
What’s your style tribe? Are you a casual dresser – a busy stay at home mum with children; an office worker requiring a smarter approach; or somewhere in-between the 2?


Tip no. 2 – Look at hat styles that will easily fit with what you currently have in your wardrobe – caps for casual days – school pick-up, dog walks and supermarket trips. Beanies and turbans for casual to smart or indeed smart office days. Think about colour too – this will make the everyday ‘getting ready to go’ quicker and less stressy. You’ll feel much more confident and in your ‘comfort zone’, if the style and colour feel right.
If I buy one black chemo hat that will work with everything – right? It is understandable to think that black goes with everything, but treatment can change your skin tone. You can look paler and more tired – black only tends to accentuate these characteristics.

Tip no. 3 – Think about deep jewel colours for your hats – they add colour to your skin tone and even on a ‘tired’ day help you to look well. You are going to need more than 1 hat over what could be a 6 month period of hair loss. They won’t get particularly dirty – they may collect a little make-up / perspiration but they will need a freshen up and a re-shape. If at all possible buy 2-3 and ring the changes – your hats will last longer with a rest.
So all hats are the same I just need to pick one up and I’m good to go. Another key difference with hats for hair loss wear is that they need to be cut and made deeper at the back of the head. Sounds obvious I know (!) I know but not all hats cover the back of your head. Winter knit hats will but you may not wish to wear wool knit (or synthetic knit) next to a bare scalp and they’ll be too warm.


Tip no.4 – Look at fuller styles like Baker Boy cap, bucket hats, beanies in lighter fabrics, berets – any style that is made fuller so that when you pull it down on to your head it doesn’t ruin the overall shape of the hat and you get enough coverage. Cloches are another good style that sit deep on the head.

Many women (not all) tell us that at the point of total hair loss (sometime around chemo treatment no. 2) the hair follicle is super sensitive and a wig/ headwear can be a real struggle. This seems to last for a week or so and then settle down. We would strongly recommend you plan ahead and have a soft beanie ready for this time. This way you have something to put on and you can wait till this phase passes. You can of course plan ahead – cut your hair shorter, purchase your wig whilst your own hair colour is there for reference, purchase hats for those times you don’t wish to wear a wig. This is all very much down to personal preference and how you wish to manage your hair loss.

We’re here on the end of the phone if you need style help and advice, or indeed if you’re local enough to come and try them on at the studio. Hair loss is one of the hardest knocks of cancer treatment, but there are now plenty of solutions available – realistic textured wigs and stylish headwear. You can take control of your hair loss, reclaim your confidence and feel gorgeous again.


Tel: 01306 640 123

Turban Towers, Masters Yard, Guildford Road, Westcott, Surrey RH4 3NG

© Nicky Zip – October 2017

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, who is the fairest of them all?

In our pursuit of ‘fairness’, skin care is another theme dominating social media feeds. New brands are constantly emerging, ranging in price, general success at achieving youth full, as well as healthy skin, minus evil toxins and promising plump, line free, spot and blemish free complexions. To be ‘fair’ we now not only need to be eating clean but exercising to stay lean and polish it naturally on the outside too!

Having had cancer I have gradually become more and more conscious of changing my own skin care. This has been a very slow process for practicality and cost reasons. I am a sucker for packaging, Ill be honest, but I want to know for sure that these pretty labels are doing me good as well as looking good!

The term natural doesn’t mean much because in the food, skin care, and cosmetics industries, the term is not adequately regulated or quantifiable.‘ –

I want to know that I can buy ‘safe’ products without having to scour the aisles at the local health food shop or get a latin dictionary to decipher the ingredient list. So is being the ‘fairest’ of them all simply a way of making the art of scooping out and using the entire coconut sustainable or are we fools to believe that any of these ‘toxin free’ products are actually safe and making a difference?

With recent articles about much loved products such as ‘Johnson’s & Johnson’s’ containing harmful ingredients, we are becoming more savvy and pro active; reading labels, shopping around and demanding transparency. Words such as Parabems, aluminium and sodium laurel sulphate are being thrown around like daggers and the ingredient lists on our bathroom products are a total minefield. Due to stress, higher rates of disease and illness and research indicating that some ingredients can contribute to certain cancers through oestrogen disruption, we are not just aware of what we are putting in our bodies, but what we are putting on them too.

I am no beauty journalist (so please bear with me if this sounds like an article from Marie Claire!) nor do I have a science friendly brain but after being pro active for my own wellbeing and not happy with foraging for wild nettles and mashing another avocado, I have embraced experimenting with different skincare products and wanted to share some of the brands that I have come to know.
Defiant Beauty

smooth skin oil.2b184585d5ededf258f646dc1bfdddcb2085

Jennifer Young was approached a few years ago to develop a skin care range for the cancer patients at her local hospital. Jennifer took on the challenge and developed this incredible range of products that are suitable for everyone! While on one of Jennifer’s workshops last year, she told me something that has shaped my choice of skin care ever since.

Creams are a mix of oil and water and as oil and water don’t mix, lots of ingredients have to be added in order to turn oil and water into a cream…..Oils and balms can be very simple formulations and, as they don’t contain water, they are a more intensive experience. A little goes a long way.’
– Jennifer Young, Defiant Beauty

I now, personally prefer to stick to oils and balms rather than creams as I feel they are more pure. Jennifer has worked hard to make a range of products that are truly natural and do what they say on the bottle, but you don’t need to have been unwell to appreciate the care and quality.

The toner smells amazing, locking in lots of hydration and the hand balm is magic and a top present for anyone having treatment as the skin becomes so dry. This balm is easily absorbed and the skin oil is another favourite. It was primarily made to rub on scalps after hair loss. The scalp becomes so sensitive when having chemo and this is soothing, helping nourish the follicles making it less sore and irritated. I bought it way after my hair grew back and have been using it as a body oil too!

Defiant Beauty is now training beauticians in specialist treatments with these products.

Therapists are taught that cancer is contraindicated for their treatments (except reflexology and reiki). Using my biologists brain I couldn’t work out why and did the research – there was no evidence to support this, it was based on fear. I knew that those going through treatment for cancer wanted therapies and that therapies would benefit them. I knew therapists wanted to work with those going through treamtent and it was time to change things.’
– Jennifer Young

Jennifer worked with insurers and a lot of experts to create routines and now offers a Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology therapies. These are the first accredited one day qualifications. I had a treatment a few months ago at the Hale Clinic in London and my skin looked amazing afterwards. It was one of the most relaxing treatments I have had, probably because I knew the products well, trusted Jennifer and her training and was intrigued how they were used professionally. I had an hours facial and my skin felt soft and looked radiant, even without make up!!! My hat is off to Jennifer and how she has created not only an incredible range of products but has demystified the area of oncology massage/facials with a short and concise course helping therapists help others in this situation.

Back in January 2015, I was honoured to be involved in Jennifer’s new book ‘Recognise Yourself’. This is a bible for anyone going through or affected by cancer treatment. The information on how to look after your nails, skin, hair and body is the perfect balance of research and patients experiences and is full of feel good information for the days you are feeling less than fair!

Defiant Beauty toner £20.00
Defiant Beauty hand balm £17.50
Skin Oil £17.50
‘Recognise Yourself’ Book;
More information on training with the Defiant Beauty range can be found on;

Neals Yard


The granny of natural skin care, Neals Yard have dominated the organic skin care market for over thirty years after opening in 1981 in Covent Garden. In the 80’s, Neals Yard were one of the first to encourage us to buy products without synthetic chemicals.

‘We believe in nature, honesty and transparency, and your right to know what goes into the products you buy’.
– Neals

They are so much more than a skin care range and now offer courses in aromatherapy, nutrition and wellbeing and are involved in several environmental campaigns.

The rose balm has now become a staple. Particularly good for the colder months it gives a rich and deeper cleanse and smells amazing. My skin feels nourished and hydrated and in addition, it can be used as a face mask and works as a gentle exfoliator too if you use a flannel to wipe it off. It is more expensive than other cleansers but in my view, money well spent!

Evening Cleansing; Rose balm (winter) £38

Ruth Romano


I have never been a soap fan but was intrigued to know more about Ruth’s homemade products after seeing them on social media. Ruth and I have been in touch ever since and I am thrilled to see her business flourishing. After going through breast cancer herself, she wanted to take control of what she could use on her skin.

‘Many regular skincare products include synthetic chemicals that are known to interfere with our hormone systems and lead to increased levels of oestrogen….The majority of soap sold on the high street is not soap at all but chemical detergents, or a mixture of detergents and soap. Most contain sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) which is a cheap foaming agent and also a known skin irritant.’
– Ruth Romano

Ruth makes her soaps from scratch with natural oils and butters. Ruth finds the creative process so relaxing she thinks of it as a meditation. She now runs courses encouraging others to have a go and wants to share the satisfaction of creating a bar of soap with the enjoyment of being able to use it, knowing exactly what it had been made with. She also makes gorgeous lip balms. I absolutely love these products and they are the perfect size to travel with too. Once opened the soap can just be popped in a little container or wrapped back up in their wrapper and put in a little bag. I especially love the Cedarwood and Pine soap.

Soaps £5.00 per soap

Beauty Chinoise

FullSizeRender 2

Maggie’s bespoke range of oils for cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating are unique but as an acupuncturist she has a passion for working with women to make a totally unique skincare range and treatment designed to help with all sorts of skin conditions. She has taught me not just how to nourish my face but how to massage it too, so invigorating and energising the facial muscles and pressure points, helping me relieve pressure on my sinus’s and ease congestion and puffiness around my eyes;

‘I work with a talent aromatherapist and we find synergy between my chinese medicine diagnosis and her encyclopaedic knowledge of aromatherapy and decades of experience.’
– Maggie Brown

My appointment with Maggie was wonderful and my whole evening skin care routine has changed! What stands out about this range is that it is totally bespoke. Maggie gave me a heavenly treatment after chatting about my current skin care routine and what products I currently use. She then put together a stunning package for me, with a diagram on how to massage my face with the products she suggested as well as explaining why they were better for me. I now use the Yin oil every evening after cleansing and the smell helps me drift off into a lovely snooze!

Yin1 treatment oil £33.00

Natalie Bond


This balm is absolutely beautiful. Anything that has rose in it, is a winner for me (can you tell?!) It smells blissful and doubles as a brilliant hand cream. When Natalie became pregnant she wanted to use products without any synthetic chemicals;

Our bodies will absorb what we apply to them and, on average, women apply 168 chemicals to their skin every day with little knowledge of the damaging impact such substances can have‘ – Natalie Bond

Natalie started making her own beauty products with natural oils and butters that were gentle and sourced sustainably so being kind to us and the planet. I have found her products in pop up shops and online. Her brand is doing so well and her instagram feed is buzzing! I adore this balm and use it as a night cream in the really cold months or when I need a boost and my skin wakes up feeling super soft.

Rose and Geranium balm £15.50



Arbonne is a Swiss brand that is becoming very popular. The products are based on botanical research and inspired by nature. Arbonne were one of the first to go green in 1980 with no animal testing, paragons, mineral oil and nasties and their ingredient policy is totally transparent. I have a wonderful Arbonne rep who had skin cancer herself a few years ago;

‘I believe in Arbonne products because they reduce toxic load on our bodies and preserve the environment by using sustainable ingredients.’
– Sally Ann North

I am a bit precious about my hair (don’t ask!) and I cant go anywhere without my straighteners (Im working on it!) but I was keen to try a new shampoo with less chemicals and Sally Ann suggested one of the Arbonne range. The Daily Shampoo feels rich and though my hair is a little flyaway, it feels clean, healthy and shiny and there is no residue like some others I have tried. I have recently tried the pure vibrance conditioner too and it smells gorgeous.

I have also used Arbonne’s children’s suncream. Their ABC Baby Care range is fantastic and I used the SPF 30 on my five year old and it didn’t bother her sensitive skin at all and absorbed brilliantly. If I ever have another bubs, I will be using this range! You are encouraged to use quite a large amount of the suncream and though I like to use an SPF 50 as my daughter is very fair and she is prone to exzma, she didn’t bat an eyelid when this went on! It is less chalky than some other natural suncreams I have used and is non perfumed too.

Nourishing Daily Shampoo £17.00
Kids suncream £28.00



Pai is a popular brand on the market at the moment and with a focus on sensitive and allergy prone skin, they were the first company to list all their ingredients in plain english giving a huge thumbs up for transparancy.

‘Unlike many brands on the market, which commission factories to both formulate and manufacture their products, we have our own in-house R&D lab and manufacturing facility’.

I stumbled across the rose hip oil when my skin was playing up post surgery and has been an amazing skin care product for me ever since. I have been really interested in the healing qualities of rose hip and I used this as a night treatment on my face for a while (a bottle lasts a while) I have to say it felt softer and looked much brighter. I have also used it on scaring and it definitely helps the healing and elasticity. One snag is that I have also noticed that a slight orange residue has been left on my pillows but I have also seen a difference in applying this oil after a good scrub as it absorbs more effectively.
Rosehip Bioregenerate oil £22

It is clear from the sheer amount of choice that skin care is becoming as important to our wellbeing as nutrition and exercise. The products above only scrape the surface. I haven’t touched on deodorants, make up or toothpaste, let alone scrubs and masks but I will be posting more blogs about skincare, as it is clear what an important area this is. Through our pursuit of ‘fairness’ we now want clean living inside and outside. Supermarkets, for one, are now making these products more accessible. Being able to click on a product and have it in our basket immediately is more convenient and appealing to a younger market. With the help of bright photography, packaging and smells to rival a perfume factory, these brands have tapped into what the consumer today needs as well as wants. Transparency equals trust and as a society we want to understand what it says on the bottle.

The biggest downside is price. A lot of these brands are more draining on the wallet but aside from using totally natural products like beeswax and coconut oil, which has always been a favourite (I do use it as a hair treatment, body moisturiser, skin balm and bath oil too occasionally) we want products that are going to make us feel glamorous and feminine. For those going through treatment we also want to hold onto as much normality as we can and rather than having to go to ‘special’ shops, we can now access these products with minimal fuss and delay.

Skin care is a hugely personal thing. Whether it be mashing an avocado onto our faces and resting with cucumber on our eyes or maxing out the credit card on aromatherapy products our pursuit of ‘fairness’ is something we are taking very seriously. My experience has dictated my awareness of staying healthy inside and outside, and if that is the highest price to pay, wouldn’t you agree that choosing products with the highest quality ingredients, as one of the many pro active steps we can take to help our wellbeing, is totally ‘fair’ enough?

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