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In addition to SamSpace, I have had the fortune of being involved with some other wonderful websites and magazines, as well as being featured in a few too! Who knew BC could make you a model?! A lot of the cancer charities recruit media volunteers and are keen to touch base with patients and survivors to offer their stories to publications and media features to help raise awareness. If you are at all interested in getting involved in this capacity, contact any of the main charities and ask to speak to their Media Relations Department.   Below are some links to other articles I have had the opportunity to write and others I have been lucky enough to feature in, all raising awareness for such an important cause. So, grab a cup of tea, get cosy in a comfy chair, turn off the phone and have a browse.

Freedom Seeker
In April 2017 the book Freedom Seeker was released. Beth Kempton has written the most wonderful book about breaking out of the cages that we can sometimes feel trapped by in life and embracing the journey to doing what we love.
Back in 2016 in Waterloo station, myself and two other friends met Beth by chance and helped her down the escalator with her three month old baby and pram. Beth had just signed her first ever book deal with Hay House and we were all going to the Inspiring Hay House Ignite conference. A few months later Beth contacted me and asked me if she could include my Samspace story in the book. Of course I agreed and in March 2017 we watched her take to the stage at the same conference a year later and blow us away with a fantastic speech. Then, on April 3rd 2017, myself and the same two friends were invited to the launch of Freedom Seeker and watched Beth take flight!!
Available on Amazon and in all good book stores now!!
Huffington Post

In February 2017 The Huffington Post published a piece on Sam on thier online lifestyle magazine. This is a summary of Sam’s story;

Link to Huffington Post


Spero is an app that connects everyone in the world affected by cancer. For fighters, survivors, and supporters.

I have been fortunate enough to have recently trialled the new app and be a part of the growing community on there. It is easy to use and everyone is so friendly, plus having it handy on the phone is great as I can check in and catch up when I am out and about or waiting. It is easy to find others affected by the same cancer in a similar location and of a similar age. I am really proud to have been a part of this. 

Click here to read my piece on the power of connection.


My Mojo Rocks

My Mojo Rocks is an online Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Directory and Information source for the general public.  Our purpose is to educate, motivate and empower individuals to live a full, healthy and happy life.

Click here to read my piece.

Wellbeing Network

Wellbeing Network is the first global health and wellness platform that connects content, products and services across TV mobile and online.

The TV will be launching across EMEA with programming that explores the connection between the mind, body and health – creating an entertaining destination full of drama, inspiration and motivation.  Wellbeing Network online connects with the television by providing more content around health and wellness, a directory and the best apps for health and wellness and an eCommerce platform providing products and services for everything related to health and wellness.

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Beauty Despite Cancer

BDC logoBack in 2012 I met Jennifer Young who set up a range of totally natural beauty products for cancer patients called Defiant Beauty. Her website, Beauty Despite Cancer is bursting with amazing blogs from patients and survivors all over the country and loads of useful information for anyone affected by cancer.

The link below is to all the pieces that I have written for BDC. The first blog I wrote for them was about my first diagnosis and gives a bit more background to my story but generally I like to write about issues that commonly affect younger patients. Having a regular writing spot with this website has been an amazing high for me and I love being a part of the BDC team.


BDC also went into print at the beginning of this year, producing a magazine called Recognise Yourself. If you are interested in seeing this magazine, please let me know.

New! Magazine

UnknownOn 14th October 2014, I was featured in New! Magazine who did a piece about my story to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I was thrilled with the double-page spread as it summed up my last 10 years and was an honest account of everything that has happened to me so far. It has been a challenging time but having this published on the same day my daughter turned four was truly special and I felt very proud that I could share my story and help promote awareness. pastedGraphic

Shine Cancer Support

Shine (cropped)Shine is a brilliant charity specifically for people between the ages of 20-49 who have had or are experiencing cancer. It is the only charity in the country that specifically focuses on this age group and their fundraising, social events and blogs are brilliant. There are Shine groups all over the country (and they are growing ) and I have been to a couple of the London meetings and couldn’t believe how friendly, lovely and good fun everyone was.


300plainAfter my blog about the importance of a having a support network of family and friends through cancer, ‘Weeva’ contacted me and asked me to write a piece for a collection of stories they were doing for a test project. ‘Weeva’ is a brilliant way of collaborating, to create a neat and nifty book of different themed stories, messages, letters etc. It’s perfect for creating a hen book or book of condolences, for example. I loved writing the piece I contributed for them as it was a chance to really appreciate a very important person in my life, my mum.

The Sun

The-sun-newspaper-logoAll the way back in 2008 I was asked to take part in a piece The Sun were doing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October is a very busy time!! It was an article about how six different women had discovered they had breast cancer. Only one had actually found a lump. It was a lot of fun and hugely inspiring to meet other ladies who had been affected by breast cancer at all different ages. After lots of hair spray and lip gloss we were ready to smile and strut our stuff and we even got to keep the dresses!




I am also involved in an amazing charity called Trekstock. I am writing a few blogs for them as well as hoping to be involved in some other exciting projects next year! Watch this space!

Trekstock exists to ensure that young adults aged 18-39 have age appropriate support through and beyond cancer. We do this by listening and responding to their needs, providing trustworthy information online and creating a community through meaningful connections. Registered Charity No. 1132421

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