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Safe Space

Safe Space gatherings are held twice a month for around two hours (or so!). Once a month we meet for a coffee or a walk, just to chat and build friendships and check in with each other. The other meeting is focused around a specific wellbeing professional or activity and we have explored pottery, make overs, dance classes and physio workshops so far, with loads more interesting and fun activities planned for the future. Everyone is welcome to come and have fun, share experiences or just sit and listen. It is usually in the Farnham area, just outside Guildford, but we are hoping to start in Godalming or Cranleigh soon too

You don’t even have to talk about the big C, we are sometimes too distracted to even think about that! We usually do a different activity each month, be it a walk, painting pottery, a talk or a taster session for a wellbeing course or therapy.

There are usually six to seven people each time; some come regularly, others as and when they are able. There is no pressure. The beauty of this group is that everyone knows it is here and can come along when they need to.

Your first session is free and the cost thereafter is £5 per session, per person, to cover refreshments.

Get in touch via the form below if you are interested in learning more about Safe Space meetings.

Parenting Workshops

Samspaces is collaborating with Parenting Support over the next few months to offer workshops for any Mums affected by cancer. If you are a Daily Space member the price is £20 only and if not, the prices is £25.

Our first workshop in June was brilliant and everyone came away feeling reassured and much more realistic about our parenting goals.

Upcoming workshops:

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Samspace Bracelets

image1 3I have collaborated with the fantastic Hanging By A Fred to offer a unique and beautiful Samspace Bracelet. Made of disused climbing rope, they are strong and hard-wearing, mirroring the strength and courage of the person wearing it. The many threads wrapped around this rope represent those of healing, recovery and resilience, hope and bravery. The special charms are a reminder that we are truly amazing, and if we believe in ourselves we will always succeed. We are never alone and are always being looked after.


They have been produced to raise the profile of After Cancer Awareness, as well as representing the unique patient-to-patient solidarity within our communities.

Freddie Matthews started designing jewellery and pieces for the home made from climbing rope after losing her father to cancer. She is a truly inspirational lady whose experience of supporting someone through cancer is phenomenal.

The bracelets cost £19.99 including post and packaging, with 10% going to the charity Climbers Against Cancer.

Click here to order.

Space to Talk

If you would rather start with a more personal type of support, I am available for one-to-one chats either on phone, Skype or in person. You can simply talk your heart out, or if you need more pro-active support, a more personalised recovery programme just for you, we can discuss feel-good options designed to put yourself first and regain confidence, while putting you in touch with highly recommended professionals who have experience with post-cancer patients.

Get in touch via the form below if you fancy getting in touch to try a session or have a chat.

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Safe Space Testimonials

The value of SafeSpace is having a dedicated time and opportunity to verbalise many of the thoughts, anxieties, fears and emotions that circle around my head incessantly. This is a special collection of people and although we each have our own story, the group as a whole gives me a sense of belonging and shared experience that is often hard to find amongst friends and relatives that (try as they might) don’t know what ‘IT’ is like. SafeSpace gives me an outlet, and more importantly the reassurance that I’m not alone. It’s also a lot of fun.

– Natalie, Breast Cancer

I was put in touch with Sam through a mutual friend. During my treatment I didn’t feel in the right place to reach out to anyone but it was a few months after my treatment had finished when things started to return to normal that I felt the need to talk to someone who understood. On the outside I was looking like I’d put it all behind me when on the inside I was still processing the shock of it all, getting used to my new body and the side effects of my ongoing treatment. I was so relieved after meeting Sam for the first time, knowing there was someone local who had been through much of the same surgery and treatments who properly understood what I was going through. I think with Sam she really does strike the right balance between being a supportive listener and adviser but also being a friend who likes a chat and a giggle! As life moves forward and my cancer journey hopefully becomes further and further away it brings me huge comfort knowing that I’ve got somewhere that I can share my feelings and fears openly that sometimes with very close family and friends it’s hard to do.

– Becky, Breast Cancer

I can not tell you how much Samspaces means to me and how much a difference it has made. Sam is such an inspiration. She is professional at raising awareness and informing everyone on all aspects of life with or after Cancer. We have lots of fun too.

– Katie


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