Lose yourself in spaciousness and find your true self
– The Radiance Sutras; Sutra 53//76

Welcome to SamSpaces

Samspaces is a mentoring service and comprehensive resource offering a space for solidarity and support to patients as they near the end of their cancer treatment and during their recovery. 

Life is a step-by-step process after cancer. I have realised that the concept of Space is hugely important. Space to heal, love, learn, recover – and just to ‘be’. The effects of any treatment can be far reaching, affecting us physically, mentally and emotionally. Patients will often have that ‘wake up call’ and naturally become more proactive in changing their lifestyle so as to prevent any further diagnosis. It is a great time to embrace radical and positive change. By being pro active we can find amazing ways to stay healthy and help our wellbeing. This a space for you to feel encouraged, supported and informed. We are all individual with different needs and ways of healing.

What you will find on SamsSpaces

SamSpace is a fresh start, a helping hand in recovery, a step at a time, on all levels. I describe the ways I can help more on A Space to Shine.

The original SamSpace blog is my story of treatment and recovery. The new blog reviews a wide spectrum of practical things available that can help our wellbeing during cancer treatment and recovery. Bouncing back after illness is a gradual process but it can also be a time to grow and discover new ways of practically helping ourselves.

Having those tools, choices and options can help us feel stronger. Whatever and whenever we decide to explore something new, it is an important move forward in our own self discovery, reminding us of how amazing, strong and undefeatable we truly are.

SamSpaces is a hand that holds you: Sam gives you signposts to take you to new places and somewhere to share a safe, friendly and honest space that supports and reassures you.

Emily Hodge

I feel that it is vital to reach out to people affected by cancer, to offer that solidarity and understanding, especially in life afterwards, so no one feels alone. Despite the end of treatment we are not ‘back to normal’ and recovery is a journey in itself.

Find out more on A Space to Shine.

Sam's Space; About Me.

This is where I tell you that I am so more than just a cancer patient! The time line below is ‘an at a glance’ take on my numerous dances with the mighty C and all the twists, turns, tangoes and foxtrots Ive performed.

Sam in her own space is also a wife and Mum. I love singing and dancing and I am a self confessed knitwear junkie. I can’t live without GHD’s and I’m well known for my Monica’isms! I am a crazy organised, overly efficient ex PA who after working in the film industry for five years was diagnosed with Breast Cancer suddenly at the age of twenty seven. I kept a daily diary of treatment and recovery, keeping friends and family abreast of my journey. It was a life line. I discovered my love of writing while still in school uniform, writing volumes of descriptive essays but wasn’t brave enough to do anything with it properly until I embarked on a children’s writing course. Then three years ago I was asked to blog for an online magazine in light of my age and secondary diagnosis. Suddenly my diary became a massive tool of solidarity I wanted to share.

Last year I had a third diagnosis and with a gorgeous family now in tow, life has certainly been interesting! I am no expert, neither am I an encyclopaedia on breast cancer, let alone any cancer, but I have learnt from experience how vital it is, in this day and age, to actively offer that personal support and empathy to others. After having to find the strength to get up and dust myself off more than once, I wanted to prove there is a silver lining and since the cancer survival rates have doubled in the last forty years, there are clearly a fair few of us along for the ride, all re building their own space to shine x

My Timeline:


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