Lose yourself in spaciousness and find your true self
– The Radiance Sutras; Sutra 53//76

Welcome to SamSpaces

Samspaces is a virtual support service and community offering solidarity and empowerment to patients as they near the end of their treatment and during their recovery as they adjust to life again.

Life is a step-by-step process after cancer. As we recover from treatment and begin to take those tentative steps forward, things can feel very unpredictable and overwhelming and we can feel vulnerable. During my own cancer journey I noticed how much more emotional support I needed after treatment, while I processed what the hell just happened! I also realised how important the concept of Space is. Space to heal, love, learn, recover – and just to ‘be’.

The effects of any treatment can be far reaching, affecting us physically, mentally and emotionally. Patients will often have that ‘wake up call’ and naturally become more proactive in changing their lifestyle so as to prevent any further diagnosis; but we can’t do it alone. This is a great time to embrace radical and positive change, and Samspaces is a place for you to feel encouraged, supported and informed. We are all individuals with different needs and ways of healing, and while our loved ones high five and want to celebrate with us, we need our own team who understand that we may have reached the summit of the mountain but we still have to get down!

If you have been affected by cancer in any way, yes, even as a supporter (we couldn’t do it without you!), Samspaces is here for you.

This nugget of a website is my way of offering a resource of information and suggestions to help us take control of our wellbeing again, through monthly blogs written by me, as well as other patients and professionals offering therapies, expertise and courses that can and will help you.

You can read about my three little dances with breast cancer on the My Space page. As well as blogs relating my experiences, there is an at-a-glance time-line and a little blurb about who I really am!

The Safe Space page has information on Safe Space gatherings, the beautiful Samspace bracelets we sell, as well as other exciting projects, collaborations and the chance to connect on a one-to-one basis.

You can access contact details and more information for the professional therapists and courses reviewed on the directory page, and read more articles that I have been involved with or written on the Space to Read page.

Whatever you are looking for, this is your space to explore, read, learn, reflect and grow. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here, and while you learn to embrace the amazing, strong and brave person you are, you don’t have to do it alone x